“1 in 3 Women in Europe Experience Violence: Breaking News Report”

EU Discusses Inclusion in Istanbul Convention at General Assembly Session

The European Parliament’s General Assembly session recently saw discussions on the EU’s inclusion in the Istanbul Convention with the attendance of EU Commission Equality Member Helena Dalli.

During the session, MEP and Rapporteur Arba Kokalari shared information about violence against women in Europe, stating that over 50 women are killed in their homes each week due to violence from their partners. Furthermore, one in every three women and girls in the EU has experienced physical or sexual violence, equating to 62 million women. Shockingly, 85% of these cases go unreported to the authorities.

EU Commissioner Dalli urged the EP to approve the convention, which would standardize anti-violence practices within member states and create common methods to combat violence against women. If the EP General Assembly votes to approve the convention, it will be included in the EU acquis and become binding to EU member states which did not ratify the agreement, pending approval from the EU Council.

Presently, though all EU countries have signed the convention as of December 2022, countries including Hungary, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic have not ratified it.


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