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2 injured in coffee shop armed attack

Two injured in armed attack at Turkish coffeehouse

An armed attack occurred in a coffeehouse on Şehit Hasan Sabri Street in Turkey in the evening. The suspects, whose number of people could not be determined, allegedly opened fire on their targeted people who were sitting in the coffee shop with a pistol. Two individuals, whose names are unknown, were injured in the incident.

As the suspects were trying to escape, police and ambulance teams were dispatched to the scene. The injured were immediately taken to Fethi Sekin City Hospital, where they received medical treatment from the medical staff who intervened first. The police teams started working to capture the fleeing suspects.

The reason for the armed attack is unknown, and the police continue to investigate. The incident caused concern among residents and business owners in the area, who expressed their shock and sadness at the violence.

The incident highlights the need for greater security measures in public spaces, especially given the alarming rise in gun violence in recent years. It’s crucial for law enforcement to work diligently to identify and apprehend the suspects to ensure the safety of the community.


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