“2023 Election: Parliament Awaits New Deputies”

Preparations have started for the new deputies of the Turkish Grand National Assembly (GNAT), as the Assembly administration has set up registration desks in the hall of honor. The new deputies who receive their mandates will be greeted at the door and directed to the registration desks for the registration process. The process includes handing over certificates, filling out forms regarding social security and property declarations, and taking fingerprints. After the fingerprints are identified to be used in the voting system at the General Assembly, a bank account will be opened, license plate identification will be made, and parliamentary badges will be given.

Officials will also be available at the desks to inform the new deputies. Additionally, the GNAT administration will distribute booklets with information about the Assembly, including how the legislative and audit processes work, and the duties of the administrative organization, to the new deputies.

The preparations come ahead of the election bans that are set to start, with further details still to be announced.


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