2023 Election Results in Maltepe, Istanbul: When and How Will President and Deputy Voting Rates be Revealed?

The Istanbul Maltepe election results are eagerly awaited, as they will determine the deputies who will enter Parliament from the 1st Region. With Maltepe being one of the districts with a large number of voters, the election results will also have an impact on the general rates and the presidential candidates. The voting will take place on May 14, 2023, and voting will end at 17:00. According to the “election bans” rules of the YSK, it will be forbidden to make predictions and comments until 18:00. The Maltepe election results will begin to be announced after 21:00 on May 14.

There are various parliamentary candidates for the 1st electoral district of Istanbul. The AK Party has 35 candidates, including Murat Institution, Erkan Kandemir, and Yahya Celik. The CHP has 35 candidates, including Oguz Kaan Salici, Gamze Akgun Ilgezdi, and Abdullah Onur. The MHP has 35 candidates, including Edip Semih Yalcin, Nevzat Unluturk, and Yasemin Bayraktar. The Good Party has 35 candidates, including Nimet Ozdemir, Burak Akyol, and Dursun Colak. The Green Left Party has 35 candidates, including Sirri Sureyya Onder, Inan Kocukcu Kok, and Hakam Öztürk.

The Istanbul presidential and deputy election results of 2023 and the parliamentary candidates list for the 28th term are available on CNN TURK’s Election 2023 page. The districts covering the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd electoral districts of Istanbul are also included. It is essential to note that some votes will be invalid, and a ballot sample for 2023 is provided.

Maltepe and other district’s election results will shape the future of Istanbul and Turkey. It is important to follow the election process and respect the outcomes, as democracy is the foundation of a stable country.


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