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234 Disabled Teachers Appointed by MEB Despite Lack of Preference Applications

The Turkish government has appointed 234 disabled teachers who previously couldn’t apply for a preference. This good news came from the Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer who shared the announcement on his social media account. The minister wished the newly appointed teachers good luck and welcomed them to the education family.

This move by the government aims to provide equal opportunities to disabled individuals who are often overlooked in many areas including the employment sector. By appointing disabled teachers, the government aims to increase the representation of disabled individuals as educators, which in turn will provide positive role models for students who may also have disabilities.

This is a commendable move that should be emulated by other governments around the world. Equal opportunities for people with disabilities should be a top priority in all sectors, including education. By providing them with equal opportunities, we will tap into their potential and give them the chance to contribute to society to the best of their abilities.

We congratulate the Turkish government on this move and hope that other governments will follow suit. We also wish the newly appointed teachers all the best in their new roles and hope that they will serve as an inspiration for future generations to come.


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