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24-Hour Bans on Election Day Now in Effect!

Turkey Gears Up for Presidential and Parliamentary Elections

Turkey is set to hold its 28th Term Parliamentary Election as well as the Presidential Election on June 24. Voting is scheduled to start at 08:00 and end at 17:00. Election day bans will be implemented starting in the morning. As part of the restrictions, the sale of alcoholic drinks will be banned from 06:00 to midnight on election day. Public entertainment venues, including coffee shops, internet cafes, and tea gardens, will remain closed. Restaurants that serve entertainment venues will only be allowed to offer meals. Weddings can be held after 18:00, and weapon carrying is prohibited.

Meanwhile, the propaganda ban, which started at 18:00 on June 23, will last for 24 hours. No news or broadcasts containing propaganda will be allowed until the polls close. Between 18:00 and 21:00, the Supreme Board of Elections will release news and communication regarding the election. All broadcasts will be free after 21:00, or as decided by YSK.

Ahead of the vote, tensions have been high in the country, with various presidential candidates holding rallies and making last-minute appeals to voters. The election is seen as crucial for Turkey, as it may bring a significant shift in the country’s political direction.


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