26th Turkish Thoracic Society Congress Focuses on Lung Health

The Turkish Thoracic Society recently held its 26th conference, with a focus on lung health. Over 1100 participants and 300 speakers attended the event, which took place in a 5-star hotel in Antalya’s Belek district. In total, the conference featured 134 separate sessions, evaluating scientific research produced in Turkey and world data.

At the conference, Nurdan Köktürk, the Turkish Thoracic Society’s 2nd Vice President, warned of a potential mesothelioma crisis in the coming years due to public exposure to asbestos. Köktürk emphasized that maximum precautions must be taken when removing debris from earthquake zones to prevent further harm to public health.

Additionally, Elif Dağlı, one of the founders of the Turkish Thoracic Society, discussed violations at cigarette sales points and the need for strict control and regulation of sales. Dağlı argued that sales points should be limited and monitored, with no advertising elements or illegal tobacco sales.

Dr. Pınar Bostan also spoke at the conference, pointing out the ease of access for disposable electronic cigarettes known as puffbars, which are prohibited but still easily accessible to young people and children. Bostan called for stricter regulations and inspections of e-commerce sites selling these products to prevent nicotine addiction among young people.

Overall, the conference highlighted the urgent need for collective action and national policies to address public health concerns related to lung health in Turkey.



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