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“3 Injured as Military Vehicle Overturns on Hakkari-Van Road”

Three soldiers were injured in an accident that occurred near the village of Kırıkdağ on the 20th kilometer of the Hakkari-Van road in Turkey. The accident happened at around 14:00 when the armored vehicle carrying military personnel overturned on a slippery road due to rain while negotiating a bend. Upon notification by nearby locals, medical personnel and security forces rushed to the scene to provide assistance.

The injured soldiers were taken to the Hakkari State Hospital after receiving initial treatment from paramedics. The severity of their injuries remains unknown, and it is not clear whether they are in stable condition or not. As a result of the accident, the Hakkari-Van road was temporarily closed for some time.

Incidents such as these highlight the dangers that military personnel often face while on the job. It is essential to ensure that proper safety measures are taken to minimize such risks and to provide adequate medical care when needed. We hope that the injured soldiers make a speedy recovery and are back to their duties soon.


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