“30 artists create colorful Champion Angels for charity”

The Colors Increase as They Share art workshop and exhibition is currently being held in cooperation with the Nicosia Turkish Municipality and Another World is Possible. The event is taking place at Lefke Inn and will continue until 18:00. Participating artists from TRNC, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Syria, Sweden, England, and Iran will create paintings during the workshop, which will be sold for a minimum of 1000 TL. The proceeds will be donated to the Champion Angels Survival Association. Members of the LTB orchestra are also performing at the event. The exhibition of the works that emerged during the workshop will be held at the Nicosia Atatürk Cultural Center from May 16-18, with the opening on Tuesday, May 16, at 18:30. It is a great opportunity to support the local art community and a worthy cause.


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