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46 irregular migrants rescued and 26 caught off the coast of İzmir

Turkish Coast Guard Rescues Irregular Migrants off the Coast of İzmir

The Turkish Coast Guard has rescued a total of 72 irregular migrants from rubber boats off the coast of İzmir’s Dikili, Çeşme, and Foça districts. According to a statement released by the Coast Guard Command, they received information about the presence of irregular migrants in these areas and immediately sent boats to the region.

Upon reaching the location, the Coast Guard teams successfully rescued 46 irregular migrants who were pushed into Turkish territorial waters by Greek elements. Additionally, 26 irregular migrants were caught on a rubber boat that was stopped by the Coast Guard Ship off the Foça district.

After the rescue operation, the irregular immigrants were taken to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management for further procedures. Turkey has been facing a continuous influx of irregular migrants trying to cross into Greece or other European countries. The Turkish authorities have been actively preventing such illegal activities and taking necessary measures to ensure the safety of the people.


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