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“500,000 Tonnes of Sugar Beet Expected to Generate 2 Billion TL Revenue”

Muş, a region known for its significance in Anatolian history, is becoming a leader in agriculture and animal husbandry in Turkey. With 3.57 million decares of agricultural land, it is the third-largest arable land in the country. Recently, tractors descended on the fields to plant sugar beet in the Muş Plain. Muş Sugar Factory, which made contracts with 1,200 farmers last year, has agreed with 2,115 farmers this year, and the area to be planted has been increased from 46 thousand decares to 100 thousand decares.

Turgut Kızılkaya, the General Manager of Mus Sugar Production Industry Inc., stated that 2,115 farmers have planted on 100,000 decares of land, saying: “Although the rains, which are effective in the spring season, delayed our planting a little this year, we expect a serious yield by delaying the harvesting time. We expect over 500 thousand tons of beet from the 100 thousand decare plantation area this year. ” The amount of commitment given by the farmers has exceeded 600 thousand, the highest commitment since the factory’s establishment, and this year it will be the largest sugar production season ever.

Kızılkaya also discussed exports, saying that approximately 70 thousand tons of sugar will be produced by the factory this year, with about 40 thousand 500 tons being allocated for the domestic market. The remaining sugar will be registered for export, which will make an economic contribution of more than 2 billion TL to the Muş province.

If there are no negative effects from pests, the sugar beet harvest looks set to be a successful one. Muş’s agricultural growth and development is an excellent sign for Turkey’s future.


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