“7 Locked Rooms at Istanbul Airport Secure Overseas Votes”

The overseas voting process for the Turkish Presidential and Deputy Elections has officially ended. The votes have been transported back to Turkey by diplomatic couriers and are now being kept in a room at Istanbul Airport with seven locked doors for security purposes. Voters who are registered in the foreign electoral register will be able to vote until May 14th at all customs gates, particularly at Istanbul Airport, until 5 pm. After the voting process is complete, these votes will be counted, along with all other votes. In the presidential election, these votes will be added to the total number of votes received by the candidates in Turkey, while the deputy election will have a distribution based on the number of voters in each province and the votes received by each party. A coefficient will be determined by dividing the valid votes abroad by the valid votes in the country, which will be multiplied by the number of valid votes in each province. The resulting figure will be multiplied by the party’s vote rate and then added to the number of votes the party has already received in that province.



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