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7 Trucks of Garbage Discovered in Odorous Home

Residents of a neighborhood in Turkey were relieved after a problematic house was finally cleaned up by municipal authorities. The house, located at No. 85, 133rd Street in Turan Neighborhood, had been emitting bad smells for some time, causing discomfort to those living nearby.

After receiving complaints from residents, the Municipal Police Department took action and deployed teams to address the issue. Prior to cleaning up the house, which had accumulated 7 truckloads of garbage and solid waste, the teams implemented necessary security measures to ensure safety.

Thanks to the efforts of Nazilli Municipality Cleaning Services Directorate personnel, the house was cleared of accumulated belongings, unusable clothes, and garbage. Health Services Directorate personnel also disinfected the area to eliminate any potential health hazards.

The residents of the neighborhood expressed their satisfaction with the comprehensive cleaning and disinfection work carried out by the municipality teams. Neighborhood Headman Serpil Akçasakız extended her gratitude to the teams for their efforts in improving the environmental and health conditions of the neighborhood.

This successful cleanup operation serves as a reminder of the importance of proper waste management and the role that local authorities play in maintaining the cleanliness and well-being of communities.



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