“85 Million’s Foresight Fuels Our Reliance”

On May 14th, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed his trust in the prudence and foresight of the 85 million people of Turkey. In a statement, Erdogan stated that his government has been fighting against dirty scenarios for the past 21 years. He spoke of past attempts to interrupt his government with court decisions, conspiracy attempts by the MIT, and the Gezi Park protests. He also referenced the attempted coup by the FETOist betrayal gang on July 15 and the unleashing of various terrorist organizations, including ISIS and the PKK.

Despite all these provocations, Erdogan emphasized that his government has always upheld law, democracy, and legitimacy, and has never harmed the honor of the ballot box. Erdogan expressed his belief that the people of Turkey will rely on “Anatolian Knowledge” to ensure that their democracy is protected on May 14th.

The upcoming election is expected to be a significant challenge for Erdogan and his government. Critics have accused his government of suppressing dissent, cracking down on the media, and interfering with independent institutions. Erdogan’s statement is likely an attempt to reassure the public that his government will continue to uphold democratic values and protect the will of the people.


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