AK Party Batman Rally: Date, Time, and Location for Erdogan’s Live Watch

President Erdogan Continues Election Campaign with Rallies in Batman and Mardin

As part of his election campaigns for the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections scheduled for May 14th and 28th, President Erdogan is holding rallies in many cities across Turkey. In continuation of these campaigns, Erdogan will be holding rallies in Batman and Mardin today.

The hours of the rallies have been a matter of interest, and the latest information suggests that President Erdogan will first hold a rally in Batman at 14:30 in front of the governor’s office. He will then proceed to hold another rally in Mardin at 17:30 at the 15 July Democracy and Martyrs Park.

Yesterday, President Erdogan made important statements in Aydın and Adana during his rallies. All his statements made during the Batman rally can be followed live on CNN TÜRK.

The election campaigns in Turkey have gained momentum as the election dates draw closer. The public is following the specific programs and agendas of all the political parties and leaders competing in the elections.


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