Akylbek Japarov holds meeting with Swiss company representatives

Kyrgyzstan’s Prime Minister, Akylbek Japarov, has met with representatives from Swiss company Edelweiss Group AG to discuss potential collaborations in the field of digital technologies, the mining industry, and the construction of data centers. During the meeting, Japarov expressed the country’s willingness to consider new and innovative proposals from investors for mutually beneficial projects. As a result, an agreement on cooperation was reached between the two parties. This development marks a positive step forward for Kyrgyzstan’s economy and highlights the country’s commitment to attracting foreign investment. The meeting also underscores the growing importance of digital technologies and the mining industry in driving economic growth and development. It remains to be seen how this partnership will unfold in the coming months, but this is certainly a positive development for Kyrgyzstan’s economic future.


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