Ali Captain shakes things up in new episode of Al Sancak!

The Turkish television series Al Sancak, known for its strong production and successful cast, is set to air its 14th episode on TRT 1 screens on Thursday, May 11. An impressive storyline filled with surprising twists and turns awaits viewers as the series progresses.

The upcoming episode will see Captain Ali making an unexpected move against the terrorist organization known as Octopus. In exchange for handing over the microfilm containing the location information of nuclear weapons from the cold war era, the organization demands Emre’s release. It remains to be seen whether Ali and Nadia will be able to save Emre from captivity.

However, Ali faces another challenge as Elizabeth and Boran plan to kill him after obtaining the microfilm. The question remains whether the captain will be able to realize the trap set for him in time.

In the midst of all the chaos, Nadia is caught between Ali and Elizabeth. She attempts to understand Ali’s changing attitude and requests time to put her mother on the right track. But when her request is not accepted, their relationship is strained.

Moreover, Çelebi investigates whether Gülseren is really dead by order of Sacit, which could lead to Elizabeth’s real identity being uncovered.

With all these plot twists and turns, the latest episode of Al Sancak promises to be an exciting one for viewers. Don’t miss out on all the action!


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