Ancient 700-Year-Old Genoese Inscription to be Relocated to Museum

“700-Year-Old Genoese Inscription in Bad Condition Despite Restoration, Expected to Be Moved to Museum,” Report Says

The Genoese inscription on a narrow city gate in Istanbul, which is currently at risk of damage due to vehicle traffic, is in bad condition despite undergoing restoration. The President of the Association for the Protection of Architectural Restoration and Cultural Heritage, Architect Serhat Şahin, stated that necessary attention has not been paid, and due to its current state, the inscription will be transferred to the Istanbul Archaeology Museum.

The inscription, which is 700 years old, features the cross of St. George, the founding angel of Genoa, and coats of arms representing the Doria and Meruda families. The decision to transfer the inscription was made due to the bad conditions surrounding it and its universal historical value.

Şahin criticized the restoration work, stating that with the use of current engineering methods, the coat of arms could have been removed and preserved. He also expressed concerns about the inscription being prone to theft, vandalism, and physical damage due to its current location.

The decision has sparked discussions among the local community, with some expressing surprise that such a historical artifact is not being adequately protected. Residents near the inscription are worried about the risk of damage due to vehicle traffic, as the area also serves as a car park.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) stated that the restoration work on the Genoese walls is ongoing and that a replica of the inscription will be made once the restoration is complete. However, no specific information has been provided regarding the moving date and the expansion of the iron frame surrounding the inscription.

The decision to move the 700-year-old Genoese inscription to the Istanbul Archaeology Museum has raised concerns about the preservation and protection of historical artifacts in the city. Authorities are urged to review the situation and ensure that the inscription is moved to the museum in accordance with the principles of conservation.


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