Ankara Launches Meta-Office with Global Access.

Turkey Opens Meta-Office with Access to Metaverse Worldwide

A meta-office with the ability to access the metaverse from anywhere in the world has opened in the Turkish capital, according to Anadolu Agency, who reports on the Communications Department of the Presidential Administration, Fahrettin Altun’s announcement. Turkey aims to create technological infrastructure, content, and platforms that will benefit both the republic and the world amid the chaotic digital climate.

Digital law norms are critical, as Altun stated, to create a fair, human-centered, and safe world, and hard work is needed to implement these efforts into new digital universes.

Overall, Turkey takes a significant step forward in the advancement of its technological capabilities by establishing the meta-office. It will allow people worldwide to gain access to the metaverse with ease, increase connectivity and the country’s efforts in contributing positively to the world.



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