Announcement of Kadıköy President and Deputy Voting Results on May 14th, 2023

With the Istanbul Kadıköy election results, the parliamentary candidates from the 1st Region of Istanbul will be identified. The vote rates on May 14, 2023, will significantly impact both the parties and the presidential candidates. The Kadıköy district, which has a significant number of voters, will also affect the general rates with the election results.

The 1st electoral district of Istanbul province covers the Kadıköy district, which has candidates from the AK Party, CHP, MHP, IYI Party, and the Green Left Party. The AK Party has 35 candidates, the CHP has 35, the MHP has 35, the IYI Party has 35, and the Green Left Party has 35 candidates.

The election results will be announced on Sunday, May 14, after 21.00. Until then, there is a ban on making news predictions and comments on the elections and their results in the media. After 21:00, all broadcasts will be free, and the YSK will be able to set this time earlier.

For people who want to follow the election results live, CNN TÜRK Election 2023 page will instantly update the votes of parties and presidential candidates from the Kadıköy district, along with the latest data, evaluation of the election, and all other details.


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