Announcement of Kırıkkale Election Results: President and Deputy Voting Rates.

All eyes are on the upcoming elections in Kırıkkale, which will take place on May 14, 2023. This city, which will elect three deputies, holds great importance for both parties and presidential candidates. Kırıkkale has a large number of voters and its election results will also directly affect the general rates.

The districts of Kırıkkale that will play a crucial role in the election results are Bahşılı, Balıseyh, Çelebi, Delice, Karakeçili, Keskin, Sulakyurt, Yahşihan, and the center.

As for the announcement of the election results, voting will end at 17:00 and according to the rules of the YSK, it will be forbidden to make news predictions and comments on the elections and their results in the media until 18:00. From 18:00 to 21:00, the news and communiqués given by the YSK regarding the election can be shared by the press organizations. After 21:00, all broadcasts will be free, and the YSK may announce results earlier if they wish. The announcement of the Kırıkkale election results will not be later than May 14th, Sunday, at 21:00.

The election page of CNN TÜRK will provide live results of both presidential and deputy votes. CNN TÜRK will also provide evaluations about the election, the latest data, and other crucial details.

Kırıkkale’s political parties and their candidates are as follows:
– National Party: Haci Omer Algul, Ismail Özdemir, and Hasan Hüseyin Yigit
– Party of Rights and Freedoms: Riza Özdemir, Mustafa Korkmaz, and Mehmet Hakki İdoğ
– Communist Party of Türkiye: İsmail Hakki Guler, Perihan Çoker Çetinkaya, and Fatma Sinemce Sahin Orta
– Communist Movement in Türkiye: İbrahim Özmen, Melis Alkilic, and Yakup Pehlivan
– Left Party: Bayram Sugar, High Worker Pressed Omer Tan, and Başak Grammeşin Arslan
– Youth Party: Standing Star, Mehmet, and İsa Çakmakli
– National Party: Ali Akkoyun, Mustafa Necati Altinok, and Kübra Yaman
– Great Unity Party: Mustafa Water, Murat Guns, and Alper Harmful
– Justice and Development Party: Mustafa Kaplan, Ergün Tekin, and Muhammet Emin Avundukluoğlu
– Party for Rewell: Arif Erdal, Ferhat Uysal, and Mehmet Pektas
– Nationalist Movement Party: Halil Öztürk, Melike Boran Ismailoğulları, and Menderes Eray
– Greens and the Left Future Party: Burak Çoğalan, The First Housewife with Were Furry, and Velat Aygun
– Homeland Party: Osman Luy, Ercan Başaran, and Hasan Aykul
– Innovation Party: Berhan Ödemiş, Şevki Anik, and Ismail Aslanli
– People’s Liberation Party: Semra Efe, Mehmet Cihan Çakir, and Kemal Özdemir
– National Road Party: Cantaş, Murat Delibaş, and Mehmet Koç
– Vatan Party: Sami Pehlivan, Nezih Gülsen, and Zeynel Kaya
– Republic People’s Party: Ahmet Önal, Omer Eldemir, and Ümit Duman
– Good Party: Bülent Şükrü Altınışık, Orhan Kılıç, and Sevim Pehlivanlı Uzbek
– Justice Party: Mehmet Uğur Talu, Orhan Mountain, and Ahmet Can Sengezer
– Victory Party: Tuğba Demirbağ, Muhammed Yasir Aksu, and Yasemin Polatlı
– Independent: Mustafa Babacan

As Turkey prepares for the upcoming election, it is crucial for voters to exercise their democratic rights and choose the candidate that aligns with their beliefs and values. A vote in the election is not only important for the future of Kırıkkale, but for the future of Turkey as a whole.


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