Announcement of President and Deputy Voting Rates for Ankara’s 3rd District Election Results on May 14, 2023

The 3rd region of Ankara will hold important elections on May 14, 2023, as it will elect 12 deputies and impact both parties and presidential candidates. Ankara is one of the cities with a large number of voters and the results of the 3rd district election will influence the general rates. The districts that will affect the election results in Ankara 3rd region include Ayas, Beypazari, Etimesgut, Nallihan, Xinjiang, and Yenimahalle.

Voting in the elections will end at 17:00 on Sunday, May 14, 2023. According to the “election bans” rules of the YSK published in the Official Gazette, it will be forbidden to make news predictions and comments on the elections and their results in the media until 18:00. The news and communiqués to be given by the YSK regarding the election can be shared by the press organizations between 18:00 and 21:00. After 21:00, all broadcasts will be free, and the YSK will be able to set this time earlier. The Ankara 3rd district election results will also begin to be announced on Sunday, May 14, at the latest after 21:00.

The votes of parties and presidential candidates can be followed instantly on the CNN TÜRK Election 2023 page, which will also broadcast evaluations about the election, the latest data, and all other details. The ruling AK Party’s Ankara 3rd region candidates include names such as Fuat Oktay, Leyla Sahin Usta, and Ahmet Gul. CHP’s candidates include Tekin Bingol, Umut Akdogan, and Ahmet Ersen Ozsoy. MHP has nominated names such as Yasar Yildirim and Bahri Batuhan Kurban, while the Good Party has nominated Kursad Zorlu and Sevin Caglayan, among others. YSP’s candidates include names such as Ismet Ilkutlu and Huseyin Ozkan.

The 3rd region of Ankara’s election results are of great interest to political parties and candidates, as it will have a significant impact on the overall election rates. The election results will be announced on Sunday, May 14, 2023, at the latest after 21:00, and can be followed through various news channels, including CNN TÜRK.


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