Announcement: Public Workers to Receive Raises

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced a 45% increase in wages for public workers, including a welfare share, and a minimum wage of 15,000 liras for public workers. These new raises will benefit approximately 700,000 public workers. Erdogan stated that he did not want to oppress anyone with inflation and they have not done so in the past. He added that if they had fulfilled all of their country’s deficiencies and met the nation’s needs, then they could resolve today’s problems.

Additionally, the government is introducing a 4 to 6% premium payment to workers who do not have job bonus payments. Workers who are veterans, victims of terrorism, or martyrs will receive a 10% increase in bare wages. Erdogan also announced a 70% increase in overtime wages and an 8% increase in the wages of night workers. Clothing and food aid figures will also be updated, and there will be increases in additional payment and non-payment bonus titles.

The Turkish government is also taking measures to protect the country from the effects of the rapidly spreading global crisis due to the Russia-Ukraine war. The priority of the Turkish government has been to protect employees in the face of economic attacks. They have increased employment to 31.5 million and are working towards improving production and employment for the 85 million people in the country. Erdogan also announced that natural gas would be free for the first month for households, and kitchen and hot water use would be deducted from bills for a year.

Overall, the Turkish government is working to increase the welfare levels of its citizens, address inflation and the cost of living, and deliver employees’ rights. Erdogan emphasized that they would not hold back from what they see and will carry it forward.


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