Arıklı is modernizing public transportation

Minister of Public Works and Transport, Erhan Arıklı, has announced plans for a new public transport project in North Cyprus. In a meeting with stakeholders of the public transport sector, including the Association of Public Vehicles Operators and the Cyprus Turkish Public Transport Association, Arıklı shared details of the project that aims to create a safe and sustainable transport system equipped with modern technology.

Arıklı stated that all stakeholders will benefit from the new system, and a structure is being designed wherein all operators will have shares. The pilot region for the project has been identified as Girne, and public transporters will be given the option to unite under a company or cooperative.

Thanks to a protocol signed in Düzce, Düzce Transportation company, a subsidiary of Düzce Municipality, will create a database of information on routes, vehicles, and passengers in North Cyprus. This information will be used by stakeholders to develop the project in cooperation.

Although universities are stakeholders, they will not take part in the new structure for public transportation. Arıklı acknowledged that finding a common way would be necessary.

The President of the Cyprus Turkish Public Transport Association, Bekir Beksan Akandere, expressed support for the project, stating that incorporation is a must for them. While Kar-İş President Fuat Topaloğlu expressed full support for the project, he also shared his suggestions.

The new public transport project is set to create a new era of modernized, sustainable, and safe transport in North Cyprus.


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