Arıklı’s Visit to Telsim’s First Digital Experience Center

Erhan Arıklı, Minister of Public Works and Transport, recently paid a visit to Telsim’s First Digital Experience Center. During his visit, Arıklı expressed his satisfaction with the 4.5G and 5G projects that were realized with his efforts while serving as a minister.

The delayed visit was due to his official trip abroad, which coincided with the center’s opening. Arıklı thanked all Telsim employees for their outstanding achievements and contribution to the Digital Experience Center and the 4.5G studies, expressing his pleasure at the successful transition to 4.5G.

Telsim General Manager Sefer Tüz praised the minister’s support, noting that he was instrumental in creating a vision for the company. Tüz mentioned that the people of the country deserved the best and Telsim was dedicated to providing it.

The Digital Experience Center showcased the latest technology and offered customers a hands-on experience with Telsim’s digital services. It aims to provide an interactive platform for customers seeking speedy and reliable communication. With the successful launch of 4.5G, Telsim solidifies its commitment to providing quality services to its customers.

Arıklı’s visit to Telsim’s Digital Experience Center signifies the government’s support for innovation and technology. The government’s investment in digital infrastructure has resulted in significant progress in the telecommunication sector. By combining technology with experience, Telsim continues to offer its customers the best possible service.



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