Armenia Rejects Ministerial Meeting with Azerbaijan in U.S.

The UN Security Council will convene on July 9 to address the recent Russian missile attack on Kyiv’s Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital, which was part of a widespread assault that took place on July 8 across multiple cities in Ukraine. This attack resulted in the death of at least 41 individuals and left over 140 people injured, as confirmed by officials.

The meeting was requested by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and announced by the British mission to the United Nations. The Security Council aims to discuss the grave situation and address the Russian aggression.

The head of the UN General Assembly, Dennis Francis, strongly condemned the attack, labeling it as a severe breach of international law and the principles of the UN Charter. The U.S. State Department also denounced the strike on the hospital, stating their belief that it was deliberate.

It is believed by Ukrainian law enforcement that a Russian X-101 cruise missile was responsible for hitting the children’s hospital. Ukrainian forces retaliated against the Russian air attack by shooting down a significant number of Russian missiles.

The EU’s top diplomat, along with various other international bodies, swiftly denounced the Russian airstrikes, which caused immense destruction and loss of life. The European official accused Russia of ruthlessly targeting Ukrainian civilians and called for increased air defense for the war-torn country.

Following the attacks, President Zelenskiy vowed to retaliate and demanded a stronger response from Western nations against Russian aggression. The ongoing conflict has intensified, with both sides continuing offensives in various regions across Ukraine.

The UN Resident Coordinator in Ukraine expressed deep concern over the casualties caused by the attacks, particularly emphasizing the impact on children caught in the crossfire. The situation remains volatile, with fears of further escalation and civilian casualties.

As the Security Council prepares to address the alarming developments in Ukraine, the international community is called upon to stand together against the senseless violence and uphold the principles of peace and diplomacy. It is crucial for all parties involved to prioritize the protection of civilians and work towards a peaceful resolution to the conflict.



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