Armenian Police Deploy Stun Grenades Against Protesters

Armenian Police Use Stun Grenades Against Protesters Demanding Prime Minister’s Resignation

Police in Armenia resorted to using stun grenades to disperse demonstrators outside the parliament building in Yerevan. Led by Archbishop Bagrat Galstanian, the protesters gathered on June 12 to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian.

According to a spokesman from the Interior Ministry speaking to RFE/RL, a total of 70 people were detained as of 8 p.m. local time. Both protesters and police officers reportedly sustained injuries during scuffles that broke out in central Yerevan.

The use of stun grenades by law enforcement highlights the escalating tensions within the country as calls for the Prime Minister to step down continue to grow. The situation remains tense as demonstrators express their dissatisfaction with the current government and demand change.



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