Artist Ayhatun Ateşin Represents Ceramics Laboratory at International Symposium

Artist Ayhatun Ateşin from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is currently participating in the “International Ceramics Symposium”, hosted by the 12th Ceramics Laboratory. The symposium features a diverse team of artists from various countries including Czechia, Latvia, Georgia, Lithuania, India, Poland, and Turkey.

The event includes master classes, conferences, and exhibition openings, providing participants with the opportunity for individual creative work in ceramic studios. Ateşin is joined by renowned artists such as Robert Buček, Ilona Romule, Otar Vepkhvadze, Rima Leipuvienė, and others in this unique gathering of ceramic artists from around the world.

This symposium serves as a platform for artists to exchange ideas, techniques, and experiences in the field of ceramics, fostering collaboration and innovation within the artistic community. It showcases the talent and diversity of ceramic artistry on a global scale, highlighting the creativity and skill of participating artists.

As the symposium progresses, it is expected to further enrich the artistic dialogue and creative exploration among participants, leading to the development of new perspectives and possibilities in the realm of ceramic art. It is a testament to the power of collaboration and cultural exchange in fostering artistic growth and understanding across borders.


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