Axel Witsel bids Belgium goodbye – Late breaking sports update

Belgium’s football community bid farewell to one of its most iconic players, Axel Witsel. The star footballer announced his decision to retire from the national team, expressing his gratitude towards the fans and teammates who have supported him over the years.

At 34, Axel Witsel had played 130 matches for Belgium and scored 12 goals. His contribution to the team’s success cannot be overlooked, as he played a pivotal role in Belgium’s performance during the last few years.

Witsel expressed his gratitude towards all those who supported him in his football career and announced his decision to prioritize his family and club commitments over playing for the national team.

“I am proud to have had the opportunity to represent my country over the years. Now is the time to spend time with my family and my club. Thanks to everyone who made me wear the Belgian jersey. Good luck to the new generation who I am sure will give us incredible moments,” Witsel revealed in an official statement.

Witsel had played for renowned teams such as Dortmund and Benfica, but he moved to the Spanish club Atletico Madrid last year, where he continues his football career.

Belgium’s football community will surely miss Axel Witsel’s contribution to the national team. Fans and supporters will forever cherish his performances on the pitch and remember him as one of the best footballers to have played for Belgium.


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