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‘Azerbaijani Iron Master Gifts ‘Sword of Victory’ to President Erdogan’

A blacksmith in Ganja, Azerbaijan, named Vidadi Verdiyev, has crafted a special sword for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in recognition of his support for Azerbaijan’s victory in the Second Karabakh War. Verdiyev used special steel from Russia that he had brought for the construction of the sword. He named it “Victory” and embroidered Karabakh motifs on it. After eight months of hard work on the sword, Verdiyev presented it to President Erdoğan. Halit Kanak, the Chairman of the Turkish World Solidarity and Aid Association, was present to present the sword to the President.

Vidadi Verdiyev extended his condolences to Turkey and the Turkish people affected by the recent earthquake. He also spoke about the unwavering support of Turkish brothers in Azerbaijan’s victory in the 44-day war. He praised President Erdoğan’s unwavering support for Azerbaijan in times of war. According to him, Turkish people give swords or horses to war heroes in times of victory, so he decided to make a sword after the victory to honor President Erdoğan’s support. He worked on the sword for five months to embroider the patterns, as it is made of hard steel and has patterns on it. The sword’s handle is an alloy of copper and brass, and Verdiyev decorated the cover with iron and natural stones.

The sword’s scabbard has symbols of monuments and historical monuments from Haribulbul, Shusha Castle, Agdam Masjid, Fuzuli, and Lachin, each representing different regions of Karabakh. The sword also has motifs of musicians, writers, and poets on the box, depicting Karabakh’s civilization center, Shusha. Verdiyev said that Azerbaijan-Turkish brotherhood is everlasting and blessed by Allah. He closed his statement by saying, “Long live Turan. May Allah protect the Turk.”


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