“Bakasetas misses Trabzonspor game for Fenerbahce – Latest Sports Update”

The TFF Arbitration Board has recently made some announcements regarding the decisions made on May 12, 2023. Trabzonspor’s Greek player, Anastasios Bakasetas, was slapped with a two-match penalty after receiving a red card during the Konyaspor match. The Arbitration Board examined the objection of PFDK but ultimately upheld the decision made by PFDK. As a result, Bakasetas will sit out his team’s match against Fenerbahçe after already serving a suspension during the MKE Ankaragücü match.

Additionally, the Board of Arbitration approved the penalties given to two Beşiktaş Vice Presidents. Emre Kocadağ was fined 52,000 TL, while Serhan Çetinsaya was deprived of rights for 21 days and fined 50,000 TL. These penalties were found to be appropriate by the Board of Arbitration.

This decision by the TFF Arbitration Board emphasizes the importance of following the rules and regulations set forth by the governing body. It also serves as a reminder to all players, coaches, and officials that any violations of these regulations may lead to penalties and sanctions.


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