Ban on Governors Serving as Local Council Chairs Lifted

The Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis in Uzbekistan recently considered a bill that would terminate the rights of governors to simultaneously serve as chairpersons of the Local Council of People’s Deputies. The deputies approved the bill in the first reading, marking an important step towards improving governance and accountability at the local level.

The proposed bill is in line with the new version of the Constitution, which includes a provision stating that the chairperson of the Local Council of People’s Deputies should be elected from among its deputies in accordance with the law. This provision aims to ensure that a person holding the position of regional, district, or city governor cannot also hold the position of chairperson of the council. By separating these roles, the bill seeks to enhance the effectiveness of local councils and improve the governance structure in the country.

A group of deputies in the Legislative Chamber initiated the bill, introducing amendments and additions to certain legislative acts of Uzbekistan. The bill outlines several key provisions, including the requirement that the activities of local councils be headed by a chairperson elected from among the deputies. It also prohibits the chairperson from being part of permanent or other commissions or party groups while fulfilling their duties.

Furthermore, the bill mandates that when discussing the candidacy of a governor in council meetings, the candidate must present a development program for the region to the local council deputies. Additionally, documents issued by local councils and governors must be registered and uploaded in the Unified Electronic System, with unregistered documents considered invalid.

Overall, the adoption of this bill is expected to enhance the efficiency of local councils and increase the accountability of governors to the representatives of the people. It reflects a positive step towards strengthening governance and promoting transparency in Uzbekistan’s local government institutions.



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