Banner prepared for 55 missing persons in Renaissance Residence wreckage.

The devastating earthquake in Hatay, Turkey, has left many families desperately searching for their loved ones. Among them is the family of Tuğba Koşar, a special education teacher, and her two children, Mustafa Kemal and Mehmet Akif, who lived in the now-destroyed Rönesans Residence. Despite efforts to locate them, there has been no word from the family.

Koşar’s mother, Suna Öztürk, has taken matters into her own hands. She has created a banner displaying the names and photographs of all 55 people who are still unaccounted for. The banner has been placed outside her home in Aksaray and serves as a reminder to everyone passing by that families are still waiting for news of their loved ones.

The Rönesans Residence was marketed as “a corner from heaven,” but it turned into a nightmare for families like Öztürk’s. The building was destroyed in the earthquake, and many people were trapped under the rubble, unable to escape. Fires broke out, burning for two days, and making it even more difficult for rescue teams to reach those trapped inside.

Öztürk has expressed her frustration with the lack of information about those who are still missing. She feels that families like hers are being left in the dark, with no new information about their loved ones’ whereabouts. She plans to take her banner to political rallies after the elections, hoping to pressure lawmakers into taking action and providing more information.

The tragedy in Hatay has shown that even the most seemingly secure buildings can crumble in the face of a powerful earthquake. Families like Koşar’s are left wondering if their loved ones are alive or dead, and they need answers. It is up to Turkish authorities to do everything in their power to find those who are missing and provide closure for their families.



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