Barış Kılıç proves his talent, as Evrim Alasya shines as Kıvılcım.

The Turkish television series Cranberry Sherbet has been gaining attention and good ratings, with fans eagerly anticipating the scenes of the characters Ömer and Kıvılcım portrayed by Barış Kılıç and Evrim Alasya respectively. The duo’s chemistry on set has been praised and has positively impacted the show.

During a fan Q&A session, Alasya revealed that her personal personality drew her to the role of Kıvılcım. Kılıç commented that Alasya’s rebellious nature is why she was perfect for the role, adding that “she doesn’t play Kıvılcım for nothing.”

The two actors also shared that they have experienced situations in their lives where they had to remain silent, even if they knew it was wrong. Alasya stated that it’s impossible for a person to say whatever they want whenever they want in life, but as one gains more experience and maturity, they can speak more comfortably.

Kılıç added that he also had a period when his language was a problem, and he still faces such challenges. The actors’ candid responses to the questions shed light on the impact of character traits and personal experiences on their on-screen performances which have contributed to the success of Cranberry Sherbet.


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