Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt to Visit Budapest Amid Scandal Controversy

Former leader of the ALDE group and former Prime Minister of Belgium, Guy Verhofstadt MEP, is set to come to Hungary at the invitation of Anna Donáth, MEP for the progressive Momentum political movement. Donáth, who founded the Association for a Hungary of Tomorrow, will open a joint conference organised by the Association, Momentum, and Renew Europe titled “European Engagement: a national interest.” The event will have a foreign policy focus and aims to “discuss Hungary’s foreign and EU policy and its future potential directions and opportunities.” Verhofstadt, who will retire next year, has been embroiled in ongoing scandals and corruption allegations and his name appeared in the Paradise Papers. A database of over 13 million documents published in 2017 revealed that the liberal politician was a board member of a transport company that used an offshore company to evade its tax obligations.


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