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“Billiards Brings Hope and Greenery to Earthquake-Affected Areas”

Elmas Keskin, a resident of Adıyaman, had a happy and fulfilling life before the devastating earthquake that hit Turkey on February 6, 2020. Elmas was studying accounting and taxation at Adıyaman University and was a theatre actor, as well as a sports enthusiast with a particular interest in archery and billiards. Her dream was to become a national sportsman in billiards.

However, after losing her fiancé in the earthquake, Elmas relocated to Alanya to live with her sister and work in a cafe. This situation caused her to put her education and love for billiards on hold. After reading an interview with Elmas in 2022, started a campaign to support her financially and morally.

As a result of the coverage, Ersan Ercan, the President of the Turkish Billiards Federation, became aware of Elmas’ passion for billiards. He contacted her and offered to provide a pool table in Alanya, but suggested that it would be better for her to come to Ankara to train and compete. Elmas decided to follow Ersan’s advice and moved to Ankara.

Elmas’ return to billiards was met with enthusiasm, and she received both financial and moral support from the federation and continued her studies. Elmas had the opportunity to watch a billiards tournament for the first time and met world champions such as Tayfun Taşdemir and Murat Naci Çok.

Speaking about her journey, Elmas said, “I have faith that I will come to very successful points in billiards. I want to start over again what I did before the earthquake. I want to hug sports tightly. A month before I came to Ankara was spent thinking completely negatively. However, after coming here, a smile slowly settled on my face. I met new people here. I got closer to billiards by socializing. I can say I am getting better.”

Ersan Ercan described Elmas as a very talented young girl and expressed his hope that she will continue to pursue her passion for billiards, education, and career development.


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