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United States Blames Russia for Deadly Crimea Attack, Says Weapons Provided to Ukraine for Defense

In response to Russia’s claim that the United States was responsible for a deadly attack on Crimea on June 23, the United States pointed the finger back at Moscow for starting the war and reiterated that the weapons provided to Ukraine are for the country’s defense against Russian aggression.

The Russian Defense Ministry stated that the attack near Sevastopol on June 23 involved five longer-range missiles that were supplied by the United States to Ukraine this year. They also alleged that U.S. specialists set the missiles’ flight coordinates based on information gathered from U.S. satellites.

State Department spokesman Matthew Miller dismissed Russia’s claims as baseless and noted that Russia has a history of making exaggerated allegations. He emphasized that the United States provides weapons to Ukraine to help defend its sovereign territory against armed aggression, including in Crimea, which is recognized as part of Ukraine.

Pentagon spokesman Major Charlie Dietz reiterated that Ukraine makes its own targeting decisions and carries out its own military operations, refuting Russia’s assertions of U.S. involvement in the attack on Crimea.

Following the incident, Russia summoned U.S. Ambassador Lynne Tracy to the Foreign Ministry and accused Washington of waging a hybrid war against Russia. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov warned that the United States’ actions would not go unpunished, hinting at potential consequences for peaceful Russians.

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022, tensions between the two countries have escalated, resulting in numerous casualties and significant damage. Both sides have engaged in military operations, with Ukraine targeting key Russian military installations in Crimea.

Despite the ongoing turmoil, the Kremlin has continued to promote Crimea as a tourist destination, despite the risks posed by the conflict. Tourists are advised to heed official warnings and precautions, while Ukrainian authorities have discouraged Russians from vacationing in Crimea.

The situation remains volatile, with both Russia and the United States locked in a complex and dangerous conflict. The international community closely monitors developments in the region as the crisis shows no signs of abating.

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