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“Breaking: Election Bans Now Effective”

Turkey’s Basic Provisions of Elections and Voter Registers Law stipulates that political propaganda should begin on the 10th day before the voting day and end at 6 pm on the day before the election day. Consequently, the freedom of political factions to make political propaganda ended at this time. On election day until 6 pm, media outlets are prohibited from broadcasting news, predictions, and comments on the election and election results. Only news and notices regarding the election are allowed between 6 pm and 9 pm on the radios and all other media platforms, which will be broadcast by the YSK. Following 9 pm on the election day, all broadcasts will be unrestricted, and the YSK has the authority to lift the broadcasting ban before 9 pm if necessary.

The RTÜK announced the election bans in a statement on their website. Their statement informs that non-candidates such as journalists and academics, may participate in discussion programs following 6 pm the day before the election. Until 6 pm on the election day, rallies can be broadcast, but predictions and comments on elections and their outcomes in the media are banned. The YSK’s news and notices about the election are the only exceptions allowed. After polls close, it is forbidden to announce election results, provide false information, and make manipulative publications while it is restricted to broadcast. Organizations that violate this restriction will face serious sanctions.

According to YSK regulations, alcohol sales are prohibited from 6 am to midnight on voting day, while serving and drinking alcoholic beverages in public areas is also forbidden. Entertainment venues are closed during the voting period except for restaurants offering meals. Only security personnel have the authority to carry weapons. Weddings may be held from 6 pm onward on the day of voting if they follow election regulations and restrictions.


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