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“Breaking News: Autonomy Leads to Division”

AK Party Kayseri Deputy Candidate Hulusi Akar has met with various groups during his campaign. Recently, Akar visited tradesmen at an event organized by the Chamber of Auto Craftsmen and also toured factories in the Organized Industrial Zone where he met with workers. The response to Akar has been positive as he has highlighted important results obtained in studies carried out for a stronger Turkey. Akar has stated that Turkey is one country, with one nation, and 85 million citizens who work together to achieve growth and prosperity.

Akar has also commented on the fight against terrorism, stating that Mehmetçik remains determined in the fight against terrorism. The terrorist organization PKK is not representative of Kurdish brothers, he stated, emphasizing that Turks and Kurds are brothers, and they will fight together. On May 14th, everyone will take care of their homeland, nation, flag, and Republic, he added.

The AK Party Kayseri Deputy Candidate has warned against those who do not distance themselves from terrorist organizations, stating that they are side by side with terrorists, and they have promised them. They call for unity and solidarity to prevent the loss of gains in the fight against terrorism.

All in all, AK Party Kayseri Deputy Candidate Hulusi Akar’s campaign has emphasized the need for a stronger and more united Turkey, where citizens work together for growth and prosperity while standing against terrorism.


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