“BRT 2 to Host Kupa Finali”

Northern Cyprus Cup Final to be Played Tonight

The final of the Northern Cyprus Cup, organized by the Cyprus Turkish Football Federation (KTFF), will be played tonight. The two competing teams are Türk Ocağı and Cihangir and the match will take place at Nicosia Atatürk Stadium, moderated by Utku Hamamcıoğlu.

The final match is scheduled to start at 19.00 local time and will be broadcast live on BRT 2 for all the football enthusiasts who could not attend the match in person.

The Northern Cyprus Cup Final brings an end to another exciting football season in Northern Cyprus, featuring the best teams from across the region. Football is a much-loved sport in the region and events like the Northern Cyprus Cup attract a lot of attention, with fans eagerly anticipating the results of every match.

We wish both teams Türk Ocağı and Cihangir the best of luck for tonight’s final and hope it will be a thrilling match for all the spectators.


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