BRTK Announces Above-Limit Pesticides Found in Local and Imported Produce

In a recent analysis conducted by the Department of Agriculture, above-limit plant protection products were detected in both local and imported fruits and vegetables in Turkey.

The results revealed that local tomatoes from Muharrem Bilsin in Güneşköy, green peppers from Hasan Alyakut in Cengizköy, and bell peppers from Rado Guanta in Tatlısu contained above-limit plant protection products. Imported products such as chili pepper from Non Foods, golden apples from Cahide Kılıç, and golden apples from Corporal İşl. Ltd. also showed the same issue.

Out of the 40 samples taken from imported products and 28 samples taken from domestic products, 37 and 25 samples respectively were found to be within the European Union pesticide limits. However, charli pepper and golden apples from Non Foods and Cahide Kılıç had to be destroyed due to the over-limit plant protection products.

As a precautionary measure, the harvest of the affected fruits and vegetables has been stopped until further laboratory analysis is conducted. The authorities are taking necessary steps to ensure the safety of the consumers and the quality of the produce in the market.



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