“ÇAKIR Cruise Missile Successfully Fired for the First Time”

Çakir Cruise Missile Completes Successful First Firing Test

Roketsan’s Çakir Cruise Missile successfully completed its first firing test over Sinop from the AKINCI TİHA (Attack Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) on May 11, according to a statement from the Turkish Presidency of Defense Industry. The missile hit its target with full accuracy, demonstrating its effectiveness in combat situations. The KTJ-1750 Turbojet Missile Engine, developed domestically by Kale Arge, was used to power the missile throughout its flight, ensuring it completed all of its tasks within the test scenario.

Çakir is part of the Çakir Missile Family, with a range of over 150 kilometers and hybrid seeker options. The family includes eight different missiles in three different groups, which were launched in March 2022. This modular architecture was developed to meet the needs of different security units in the Naval Forces Command, the Air Force Command, the Land Forces Command, and the National Intelligence Organization.

The missile’s weight of 275 kilograms and different modular options also make it highly adaptable, allowing it to be transported in multiple ways, including on air platforms with very limited payload capacity. Additionally, its ‘High Explosive Semi Penetrating Particle Effect Thermobaric’ warhead, weighing around 70 kilograms, makes it highly effective against armored and unarmored targets.

The Çakir Cruise Missile can also be equipped with a solid fuel launch engine to overcome any range disadvantage if used from low-altitude air platforms, such as helicopters, land, or sea vehicles. In this case, its weight increases to 330 kilograms. Another feature of the missile is its Super Sea-Skimming capability, enabling it to fly very close to the surface and making it difficult to detect by enemy elements.

The Çakir Missile Family was developed with national resources and is an important addition to the Turkish defense industry. Its modular design and hybrid capabilities make it versatile and suited for different types of operations.


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