Campaigning for Candidates Begins Today

The General Election Committee Issues Candidate IDs for Parliamentary Elections

Today, on June 10, 2024, the General Election Committee is issuing candidate IDs to citizens who are registered as candidates for the upcoming regular parliamentary elections. Representatives from 19 political parties and 2 coalitions have already begun to collect their candidate IDs from 08:00 onwards. For independent candidates, either they themselves or their authorized representative will receive the candidate’s ID card.

The election campaign officially kicks off today and will run until June 26, 2024, or 24 hours before the polling day.

In accordance with the Law on Elections, the Anti-Corruption Agency will be publishing declarations of assets and income of candidates on their website starting today. The National Audit Office will also be publishing agendas of candidates. Additionally, the General Election Committee will be posting the agendas of candidates on their website

Voters living abroad are reminded to inform the authorities by June 15 about whether they intend to vote in the upcoming elections. It is essential for all eligible voters to actively participate in the electoral process and make their voices heard. Stay informed and exercise your right to vote!


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