Candidates from different parties for Giresun Parliament elections 2023

With the parliamentary elections approaching in Giresun, voters are searching for information on the candidates they will be voting for. As one of the provinces with a high population, Giresun has a significant number of seats in parliament. In the 2023 elections, there will be four parliamentary seats from Giresun.

The districts that could potentially affect election results in Giresun are Piraziz, Bulancak, Giresun Center, Keşap, Espiye, Tirebolu, Görele, Eynesil, Alucra, Camoluk, Çanakçı, Dereli, Doğankent, Güce, Şebinkarahisar, and Yaglidere.

The AK Party Giresun deputy candidates are Nazim Elmas, Ali Temür, Tolga Erener, and Berrin Aydın​​. The CHP Giresun deputy candidates are Elvan Işık Gezmiş, Reşat Nuri Özdemir, Intellectual Wise, and Hakan Adanır. The Good Party Giresun deputy candidates are Ünzile Yüksel, Hakan Bektaş, Rock Yildiz, and Mustafa Dizdar. The MHP Giresun deputy candidates are Ertuğrul Gazi KonaL, Fatih Oak, Hami Pekdemir, and Salih Türk. The Green Left Party (YSP) Giresun deputy candidates are Ramadan True, Bekir Yılmaz, Sanem Deniz Rule, and Bülent Uzun. Finally, the Type Giresun deputy candidates are Nihal Memiş Dizdar, a high school teacher, a high economist, Fırat Kurtal, and Neslihan Özal, a CPA. The National Party Giresun deputy candidates are Vehbi Güven, Yunis Turkish, Erkan Senel, and Hira Tunahan.

The competition for seats is likely to be intense in heavily populated areas such as Giresun. With the 2023 parliamentary elections only a few months away, political parties are putting forward strong candidates to secure Giresun’s four parliamentary seats.


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