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Car Crashes Into Concrete Barrier at Buoy Toll Booths

Car Crash at Kartal TEM Connection Road – Driver Injured

An accident occurred early this morning at the Kartal TEM Connection Road Samandıra toll booths at around 4 a.m. The driver of the car with plate number 34 GAD 628 lost control of the vehicle while passing through the toll booth and crashed into the concrete barrier. The driver’s name has not been released to the public.

The impact of the collision trapped the driver inside the car, prompting the dispatch of police, firefighters, and medical personnel. Following the rescue operation led by the firefighters, the injured driver was transported to the hospital. The police stated that the driver is in critical condition and is receiving life-saving treatment.

First aid was administered immediately upon the arrival of the medical team on the scene. According to reports, the driver was stuck inside the car for some time before being rescued. Although the driver was ultimately transported to the hospital for emergency medical care, there is no news yet on their condition.

The accident caused traffic congestion in the area, but police have now cleared the scene. They have also opened an investigation to determine the cause of the accident.


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