“Clear Reason Behind Gulf of Izmit’s Stunning Turquoise Hue Revealed”

“We Meet Time to Time”: Turquoise Coloration in Water Explained by Expert

A recent occurrence of turquoise coloration in water has caused concern among the public, but according to Prof. Dr. Ergül, a natural process is at work. Factors such as wind and water temperature are supporting the reproduction of certain creatures in meteorological conditions, leading to an increase in their numbers and a resulting turquoise coloration in the water.

However, Prof. Dr. Ergül reassures the public that this is not something to worry about or feel strange about, as it is a natural occurrence that we come across from time to time. It is hoped that the process will not continue for a long time, as previous experience shows that these formations usually disappear and their numbers return to normal in a few weeks.

The expert further explains that when the factors supporting the creatures’ reproduction change, their numbers will decrease, causing the coloration to fade away. It is expected that this process will work in the usual way, and there is no need for alarm.

In conclusion, while the turquoise coloration of water may be a cause for curiosity or concern, this is a natural occurrence that we can expect to see from time to time. As we await the return to normal, we can continue to appreciate the beauty of our environment, just as it is.


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