Climate Crisis Linked to Increase in Diseases

The increase in carbon dioxide levels is causing global warming, which in turn is leading to the rise of some diseases. Professor Dr. Orhan Şen, a meteorologist and specialist at CNN TÜRK, stated in an interview that the shift to other fossil fuels has caused an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the world. This increase in CO2 levels is causing a rise in global warming which is causing an increase in cardiovascular diseases and cerebral hemorrhages in hot weather.

Cardiology Specialist Professor Dr. Bilal Boztosun also stated that with the increase in carbon dioxide, there is an increase in both lung and cardiovascular diseases. Patients are recommended to pay close attention to their health during periods of air pollution and to stay away from smoking habits, control their weight, use medications properly, and consult their doctor if they need diuretics.

These warnings come after the release of a study showing the impact of the climate crisis on human health, highlighting the importance of addressing climate change to protect public health. It is clear that the increase in carbon dioxide levels is having a significant impact on not only our climate but also our health, making it essential that individuals and governments work together to reduce carbon emissions and combat global warming.


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