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Close Call: Surviving the ‘Human Slingshot’ Disaster

A Visit to Uzungöl Tourism Center Ends in Terrifying Accident

Semanur Şahin, seeking an adrenaline rush with her friends at the tourism center Uzungöl in Çaykara district, had a frightening experience on the ‘bungy catapult’ ride, also known as the ‘human slingshot’. The young woman was strapped in and launched into the air, only to have one of the ropes break, causing her to suffer a slight foot injury. Fortunately, the staff were able to rescue her from this dangerous situation.

The entire incident, including the moment the rope snapped and the subsequent rescue, was captured on a mobile phone camera. The footage shows Şahin screaming as she falls rapidly, with her friends rushing to her aid and a staff member calling out for help.

After the incident, Semanur Şahin took to her social media account to share the video of her terrifying experience. In her post, she warned others against taking unnecessary risks, stating, “I did not expect to come so close to death due to negligence. Watching this video is difficult for me, but I want to raise awareness so that others do not have to experience the fear I felt. It is crucial to prioritize safety and not engage in activities that do not ensure complete security.”

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of safety precautions in adventure tourism activities. As visitors seek thrilling experiences, it is essential for tourism operators to prioritize the safety and well-being of their guests to prevent accidents and injuries. Let us all learn from Semanur Şahin’s scary ordeal and prioritize safety above all else in our adventures.



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