Commencement of General Entrance Exam

Mongolia’s General Entrance Exam Begins Today

The General Entrance Exam (GEE) for the 2023-2024 academic year in Mongolia has kicked off today, July 4, 2024. Registration for the exam took place from April 13 to April 26, with a total of over 36,000 examinees signing up to participate.

Exams are being conducted at 46 locations throughout the country to accommodate the large number of examinees. Prior to the GEE, a Mongolian language test was administered. This year, around 36,000 examinees took part in the Mongolian language and writing exam, with approximately 5,300 of them failing to meet the required score. As a result, a re-examination for these individuals has been scheduled for August 17.

Among the subjects offered in the GEE, mathematics, English, and social studies are popular choices among examinees. Today, the exam begins with the history study component, giving examinees the option to select at least two subjects from a total of 10.

The General Entrance Exam is a crucial step for students in Mongolia seeking to further their education and pursue their academic goals. Good luck to all the examinees taking the GEE this year!



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