Completion of Study Visit for BRTK’s EU Market Surveillance Capacity Building Project

Turkish Cypriot Private Sector Representatives Complete Study Visit on Market Surveillance

Turkish Cypriot private sector representatives recently finished a study visit as part of the Market Surveillance Capacity Building Project, financed by the EU. The group, composed of members from various chambers and associations representing the private sector of the Turkish Cypriot community, concluded a one-week working visit to the Market Surveillance Committee (AAMÜ) of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Health, and Equality of the State of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, focusing on product safety.

During the visit, an information panel was organized to provide a platform for the representatives to present their study visit reports, discuss the information gathered, share conclusions and recommendations with their respective organizations, and exchange insights with experts from the EU Market Surveillance Capacity Building Project.

The recommendations gathered during the visit will be shared with local institutions responsible for implementing market surveillance policies in the Turkish Cypriot community, with the goal of fostering stronger dialogue between the public and private sectors.

The overarching aim of the project is to enhance the local market’s alignment with the EU Single Market, improve the business environment, ensure consumer protection, and facilitate the transition from a prior authorization system to a market surveillance system in non-food sectors in accordance with EU regulations and best practices.



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